Why Join AIAG?

We ARE the auto industry.

Formed in 1982 by major OEMs and Suppliers, AIAG provides the neutral and legal forum that allows the industry to create common solutions to fix whatever it is that’s causing pain in their manufacturing and supply chains.

OEMs and suppliers, working together.  It’s true—it happens here every single day.  Under the AIAG umbrella, over 600 industry volunteers collaborate on smart answers that solve global automotive challenges.

AIAG’s dedicated team of Program Managers and volunteers work together to streamline the problem-solving process.  They provide the needed intelligence and expertise to develop industry changing solutions – fast.  And the solutions AIAG works on don’t just solve problems that have already been identified; they help prevent issues from happening in the first place.

AIAG needs industry-wide participation to support the money-saving activities and initiatives it tackles for you every day.  Solutions that have saved the industry $Billions.

Stop commiserating and start collaborating.

AIAG. It’s how the Industry takes action.

Your Team Gets Bigger.

Thousands of industry volunteers are ready to tackle the tough problems that cause you pain. As a member, you gain access to the intelligence power of the entire indusry.

Your Team Gets Smarter

Call on the brightest minds solve the inefficiencies that waste your time and cost you money. And when the game changes (which it always does), we offer the latest approved training, certifications, standards, and guidlines so you can stay ahead.

Your Team Gets Faster

You can’t go it alone. AIAG already has the proven problem-solving infrastructure in place to fast-track the way industry solutions get developed.